Dispatch Center

Manage. Monitor. Innovate.

Step confidently into the future of urban transportation with our innovative dispatch application and discover the power of an interactive map that allows you to monitor every vehicle, driver, and order in real time. With an intuitive and integrated dashboard, you have immediate access to an overview of your entire fleet. View relevant statistics, keep up with the progress of orders, and interact instantly with drivers and customers.

Mobile Driver App

Android & IOS

Are you a taxi driver looking to maximize efficiency? Discover our mobile driver app, your indispensable partner for a successful taxi business. With quick and secure login, a comprehensive dashboard for managing your history and earnings, integrated communication options with customers, technical support, and advanced features like a panic button and card payment management, you gain an extra level of safety and efficiency.
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*includes and is purchased together with the dispatch module

Mobile client application

Android & iOS

Discover the taxi app that turns every trip into a 5-star experience! Available on Android and iOS, our app has the complete arsenal that your taxi business deserves. Provide your customers with a seamless journey, from a quick registration process to multiple payment options and real-time notifications. What's more, we enhance safety and comfort with the panic button and instant chat between driver and customer.
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*includes and is purchased together with the dispatcher and driver modules

Showcase Website

Your Online Taxi Business

Discover a showcase website that seamlessly integrates with your taxi app! With an intuitive design and easy navigation, your website offers a memorable experience for visitors. Convert passersby into loyal customers and provide them with a personalized online experience. With Dev Taxi, you have full control over your business, and your customers will enjoy a seamless and integrated journey into your brand's universe. Simple navigation, direct information, and maximum accessibility turn your website into an impactful online presence.
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Dispatch Center and Driver Application

Upgrade your taxi service with our exclusive package. Manage rides, track earnings, and improve driver communication — all at a special price!

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Premium Experience
We provide your customers with a top-notch mobile experience on Android and iOS. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, thereby boosting your profits.
Integrated Management
Dev Taxi is a complete hub for managing your taxi business. From dispatch to drivers and customers, we reduce complexity and enhance efficiency.
Scalability and Customization
Our solution adapts to your business needs, regardless of its size. We are here to help your business grow.
Unlimited Orders
We offer a system without limitations on the number of orders. We open the door to unlimited income opportunities.
Enhanced Safety
We integrate safety features such as panic buttons and GDPR compliance, ensuring that your business and customers are protected.
Admin Panel
Our intuitive dispatch interface gives you full control over your fleet and operations, allowing you to excel in the services you provide.
Flexible Payment Options
Enable multiple payment methods to cater to all customer preferences, thus increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Constant Feedback
Our rating and review system gives you the opportunity to continuously improve, keeping your customers happy and loyal.
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Our Projects
The results speak for themselves. Each project showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence, helping us turn our partners' vision into reality.

I am currently using this application, and I have support at any time from the App Motion team. If I were to start over, I would still choose the same team! I believe in the functionality of the platform and admire the team's "total commitment". If I were to recommend someone, I would highly recommend them! We are all going through a tough period. Braila is a small city with a limited economy, meaning that only a few sectors are viable. My plans for 2021 were ambitious, but I hope and believe that with the support of App Motion, we will be able to overcome. Thank you again for your integrity, loyalty, friendliness, and patience with me, and last but not least, for your professionalism!

Laura B.


I've been using Dev Taxi for 6 months and I couldn't be happier. The dispatch interface saves me a lot of time and stress, and my drivers love how easy it is to use the app. It has been a game changer for our business!

Mihai C.

Fleet Owner

We were impressed with Dev Taxi's ability to scale according to our needs. The platform is incredibly flexible, allowing us to manage our fleet more efficiently and quickly adapt to market requirements. Moreover, the freedom to have unlimited orders was a real advantage for us. It is exactly what we are looking for!

Radu P.