Taxi Apps Bucharest

CDA Delivery is a 100% Romanian company. This app was developed for all drivers, deliverers and couriers who want to work full time or part time.

Download the app, create your account and start making deliveries!

The app is currently only available in Bucharest.

Always there for your needs. Install the most efficient ridesharing app, choose your destination and enjoy a trip within only a few minutes.
It's so easy!

Memento Green is an integral part of the Memento Group of companies and is one of the first companies in Romania to provide environmentally friendly transport services.

Through the simple and intuitive ordering system, the requests reach instantly the nearby drivers. The drivers will be able to take the orders depending on the customer's choice. The customer will decide between the drivers who accepted the request who will come to pick them up, depending on criteria such as: rating, estimated time of arrival, taxi company or fare. The app automatically locates you and sends your order to the nearby drivers. Once the order is taken by a driver, you will see in real time the driver's route to you. Download the app now and start travelling comfortably and quickly.

The new Taxi Titan app presents the latest features that should be found in any taxi app and which will considerably improve the user experience of the customers.