Advantage Subscription
Monthly subscription
Constant access to many functionalities by simply paying a monthly subscription. Minimum period 3 months
Maintenance included
System with full-service maintenance, software updates, safety and continuous performance
Hosting included
Hosting on a modern data server, capable of processing a large volume of data
Professional support
Technical assistance and consulting included in the package for optimizing software solutions
Application design customization
Modern design, application customization with your logo and branding color
Advanced security
Configuring advanced protections for safe use of systems
Innovative application
Implementation of one of the most powerful applications that can be used on a subscription basis
20% discount for annual payment 10% discount for half-yearly payment
Our projects
Real time statistics
Interactive dashboard that presents in real time various relevant graphs and statistics about customers, drivers, the number of orders and their source, the problems detected by the application or the evolution of orders.
Real time map
The system displays in real time the orders not taken, the location of the drivers and their condition - free, busy, at the station. The map shows the structure of predefined areas and taxi ranks, as well as drivers, who can receive notifications by phone.
Place orders
Integration with the telephone exchange and quick addition of commands from the administration panel without using the mobile application for customers. The program allows you to enter an order received through the station, send messages to the driver, view the status of an order and relaunch requests without a driver.
Order history
The data regarding the received orders are archived for an indefinite period of time. The system facilitates the search for an order, the visualization of the drivers who applied for an order, of the route made and of the messages between the client-driver, the situation of the payments, of the invoices and receipts issued, the ratings granted.
Driver administration
The application allows viewing and searching for drivers, displaying the current position and devices used, presenting data about the account, car, documents entered, financial history and money situation.
Support for taxi stands and areas
Segmentation of cities according to the stands, points of interest or areas of the taxi. The drivers who are located in the immediate vicinity of the defined area benefit of prioritization when taking taxi orders.
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Client application
* the functionalities vary depending on the type of application chosen
Administrare transparenta
Istoric comenzi
Favorite addresses
Order in progress
Driver application
* the functionalities vary depending on the type of application chosen
Management locatii
Multiple maps
In-app navigation
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